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Monday, 4 March 2013

2 Years Old!

Our girl turned two yesterday! I can't believe how quickly the last two years has passed...This is a theme in my blogging: discussing how fast time goes by when you have a baby around to keep you busy! At two years old, Autumn is doing all kinds of amazing things: she can count to eleven, sing her abc's, spell her name, draw a circle, identify shapes, colours and also some letters and numbers, sing a variety of songs, speak is small, simple sentences, identify different foods, animals, people, etc. She's a tiny genius (also a theme in my blogging!) :)

To celebrate her second birthday, Teddy and I hosted a little shindig at our home on Saturday. The party was farm themed. There were cowboy hats, bandanas and country tunes abounding. It was fun and Autumn got royally spoiled. For the cake, I opted for nutritious quinoa cupcakes with carob powder and raw organic sugar to sweeten...No icing, just a little sprig of mint on top to make the little darlings look like tiny plants. They turned out awesome and everyone inhaled them. We put out a memo (...I put out a memo...) that for Squish's birthday this year, I wanted to furnish her doll house, so she received several pieces of furniture and a couple of little wooden families. The house should be on MTV Cribs...It's awesome. She got tons of wonderful books and toys and even a Cabbage Patch Kid--A HUGE HIT!--with an umbrella stroller to boot! She has been pushing that doll around for two days straight :)

Yesterday, we got up and enjoyed a yummy family brekkie with Grandma Kellogg, who flew in from Victoria to celebrate with us, then hit High Park Zoo to visit some animal friends before a big family dinner at Great-Nana and Papa Hurst's house in Burlington where the Squish got spoiled a little more. All in all, a fabulous weekend. We are so proud of our gorgeous, smart, happy, funny, loving, creative, challenging and spirited little squirrel. She has come so far since March 3rd, 2011. She fills our hearts with love and our lives with joy. You are one in a bazillion, Squish!! Happiest birthday to you <3 <3 <3