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Monday, 28 November 2011

Birthday Madness

This past weekend, Squish helped two of her buddies celebrate their birthdays. Ryker turned one this weekend and Koa turned three. It has been pretty intense watching my pals' babies get bigger and stronger and leave the "months old" stage. We aren't too far behind with our little squirrel--she will be nine months old on Saturday. We are also less than a month away from her first Christmas--her last big first holiday. The last nine months have gone by extremely fast. Ryker's daddy put it well when he said that this had been the first year of Ryker's life and the best year of his own. Autumn has filled our lives with love and has brought Teddy and I both so much happiness. Sometimes, I feel like I'm going to explode. Mama-hood is amazing and I wish I could slow time down. Sob Sob Sob...

Anyway,  everything has been great lately. Autumn is now rolling over like a pro and even practices her new skill in her sleep...She wakes up on her tummy usually, pressed up against the side rail of her crib and is less than enthusiastic about her situation. Once or twice a night, Teddy or I have to go and flip her over so that she can go back to sleep comfortably. Poor little squirrel. We just had a nice visit with Grandma Kellogg who was helping Autumn to stand against various pieces of furniture. I think she will be pulling herself up to standing on her own pretty soon...I guess we should get on baby-proofing our apartment.

My crafting has also been going pretty well. My mama-pal Liz and I have done two little markets so far and have another one coming up this Saturday. It's been good to be partnered up with another mom so that there is always someone to entertain the babies. Teddy has been super daddy through this craft fair madness as well. He has had tons of one-on-one daddy & squish time which has been extremely helpful.

We have a date this afternoon with Shendah and Ronan so we should get our mosey on, but here are a few little pictures: 

Partying in the tub with Dada

Playing in the kitchen 

Hanging out with her furry nurse

Our table at the Britannia Christmas Craft Fair

<3 <3 <3

Party Animal

Cheese and Banana snack

Happy Squish

Koa's Moustache Bday Party <3

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

"The Tico takeover"

*Look, I know this is Autumn's blog but Teddy & Megan always say, "oh look at Tico, he wants to be the baby!" so I thought if I'm the baby, then I should have my own blog entry.  Is it my fault I like attention?  Geez, I go from a house where all I had to compete with were two stupid cats (let's face it, not much competition) to a house with a giant, needy beast and a new's been a bit of an adjustment.  Anyway, here's my blog entry.* 

Dear Reegee,

I miss you. It's been 3 weeks since you left me in the care of Teddy & Megan and I gotta say I was a little apprehensive at first...not because I didn't think they would take real good care of me but because I honestly didn't know what having Elliott as a roommate would be like.  I mean let's face it, she's not the most graceful or tactful of dogs and sometimes just hanging out with her can be tough for being roommates? I had my doubts...sometimes it seems we live life in opposite directions.
Well, I am happy to report that I have been pleasantly surprised by my stay here!  Oh sure Elliott can be a handful; her constant need to lick me for one,  but going out to the park or the beach with her is so much fun!  Teddy & Megan have been taking me on long walks almost every day!  I didn't realize how much Elliott needs her big walks and I'm glad for it!  Walks around golf courses, trips to the beach or sometimes we just cruise the's all good in the hood hahaha!

We met on lol

We LOVE Teddy!!
Home life is pretty good too and Elliott and I are in the habit of sharing each others beds.

This one seems a little small.

This one seems a little big.

Sometimes we are so tuckered out from our day at the beach, I gotta admit, we even share the same bed.

This one is just right!
I know you were worried about me living with Autumn (I overheard you saying something to Teddy) and I admit that I also had my reservations about living with a baby but so far it's been pretty great and I love the little squisheroo. She can really scream when she wants to and it makes me a bit nervous but overall she is all smiles and one of the advantages of living with a baby is that she likes to throw food on the ground so it's pretty fun to see little treats careening towards me:)

 Today was a pretty great day.  Teddy got back from working in the USA for 3 days and Elliott and I were very excited to see him cuz we know how much he likes taking us to the beach and boy did he not disappoint!!  I swam & swam for sticks, which Elliott would steal from me when I got close to shore...I think she thinks Teddy won't notice but Teddy always calls me a good boy so I know he notices that it's me doing the hard work and swimming out to get the sticks.  I also did a lot of digging and rolling around in the sand. 

Ain't no thang!

Ummm did someone say treat?

Well I should run, I'm pretty tired from my day at the beach and I'm gonna try to catch a nap before dinner.  I hope you are having an amazing time in Mexico and I wish could be there with you! Especially on some of the dark, rainy nights we've had I think of you and wish I could be running down the warm beach with you!  I hope you are having wonderfully enlightening time!

I'll try to write again soon.

Love you,

Miss you!!


Autumn saw her very first snowfall in Banff this past weekend. Auntie Sarah and I had high hopes for the weather and plans for a super fun little photo shoot with her squishiness at Lake Louise in a bear suit. Ridiculous, I know. Anyway, Christmas was in full swing in Banff and the mountains were virtually invisible so our little photo shoot was a no-go. Here are the pictures that we did manage to take. No bear suit, but the cuteness factor is still extremely high in my books.
Baby & her best pal, Uncle Derek

Not impressed.

Bow River

Lake Minnewanka

Happy Squirrel and Auntie Sass

Fuzzy little Blueberry

Catching snowflakes in her eyelashes.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

fuzzy little newborn

Squish and I had the pleasure of meeting a tiny, brand new little baby girl while we were over at Liz and Luke's house yesterday evening. I totally get why some people keep on getting preggo...That itty bitty tiny babiness only lasts a few seconds, it seems...My girl looked like a giant mammoth next to the wee newbie.
This seems like yesterday, seriously...
I'm pretty sure this is the only time in my life I had good hair. Can't wait to do it all over again!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

crunch crunch crunch

Squish has always wanted to feed herself. Ever since we started on solids a couple of months ago, baby girl has been wanting to hold the spoon, touch the food, smush the food into her clothing and hair and throw the food on the floor for the dog, etc. This past weekend, Teddy, Squirrel and I attended a lovely..errr, spooky...Halloween shindig at our pals Shendah and Jeff's house. They are mama and daddy to baby Ronan who occupied the incubator next to Autumn in the NICU...Anyhew, I was inspired by some of the other babies at the party who were having their go at finger foods and I thought: hey, if they can do it, so can my girl. So we bought some Cheerios and I'm proud to say that Squish can sort of feed herself and will sit happily in her highchair for AGES as long as there are Cheerios on the tray. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!?!?!?!? I no longer have to sing and dance while I do the dishes!!!! Well, at least I haven't had to sing and dance for the last couple of days...Hopefully the novelty of the Cheerios won't wear off for awhile. I thought while we were at it, we'd try some yam fries too and those have also been a hit. I wonder if this independence is a scary sign of things to come...DUN DUN DUNNNNN...

In other news, I have sold two of my baby mobiles!! Okay, okay...So a friend bought them. I'm very happy regardless and I'm feeling pretty good about my work. I have also just finished crocheting a mermaid tail for a newborn photo shoot for a photographer in Michigan who happens to be my lovely sister-in-law. I can't wait to see how the photo shoot turns out. Rebecca is super talented. You should check out her blog. Tomorrow, I am hoping to get my hands on a friend's camera to take some good quality pictures of some of my crafts and update my etsy account. Stay tuned for the link and photos.

Here are a few little shots of my squishy girl taken over the last day or so...

Enjoying a beautiful fall day at the park.

Excuse, me mama. I'm all out of Cheerios.

Baby and Daddy celebrate Halloween with carrots--not candy!

Daddy took Autumn  to the beach with the while Mama enjoyed brunch with some girlfriends.