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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ugly Scare

Yesterday was the annual WestJet Summer Beach BBQ at Spanish Banks. Teddy and I took her squishiness and passed her around to my work pals while we enjoyed some sun and BBQ deliciousness. My friend Teri was holding the bub and I noticed a small purple mark on her chubby little leg. I thought maybe she got stung by something but it didn't seem to bother her, so I tried to put it out of my mind. A couple of hours later, we were getting ready to leave and I noticed that the spot had spread and there were about a dozen little bruises on her leg...This time, around her knee. Now, I'm worried.
I immediately called the newborn hotline when I got home and the nurse on the phone advised me that these spots are called "petechiae" and they are indicative of internal bleeding. WHAT THE......!!!!???
I packed up my squirrel and hit the road to BC Children's. Didn't think we'd be back so soon...
Anyway, they seemed worried about the spots in the triage so they checked us in immediately and put us through to see a pediatrician. I was advised that they would need to check her platelets (what are platelets??? -- they are one of three components to blood. 1- red blood cells 2- white blood cells 3- platelets---platelets are involved in coagulation, they are sticky little things that bond together when an injury occurs to plug up a trauma site and prevent bleeding out) In my crazy brain, I was worrying about the ugly c word as I know that low platelet counts are typical in cases of leukemia and other bizarre and terrifying blood diseases. It was late, I missed dinner and my brain was going to a really insane place. Five hours and three needle pokes and a bunch of blood tests later, Autumn was allowed to go home with a clean bill of health. The spots on her leg came from a tight little pair of booty shorts that she had on that pinched her little thunder thighs and burst a few blood vessels. Being a parent is a crazy roller coaster ride. I'm pretty sure I shaved five or six years off my life last night, but Squirrel flirted and charmed the hospital staff. Big shock...
Daddy and Autumn waiting for the nurse to come and take some blood.

Autumn telling us a story 

A & Daddy take a nap while the blood work gets processed

Cute and Squishy in her tiny hospital gown

Sunday, 24 July 2011

It's nearly August!!!

And the sun has FINALLY decided to come out in Vancouver. While our friends and family out east have been trying to stay cool through an unbearable heat wave, we have been wandering around in hoodies and carrying umbrellas. Blegh. At least I haven't had to worry too much about protecting Autumn's squishy skin from the sun.
Yesterday was lovely. Autumn, Teddy and I had a visit with Watermelon on a beautiful rooftop patio with a perfect and unobstructed view of the city and the mountains. Baby girl got a little rosy in the cheeks despite my efforts to keep her entirely covered. IT'S SO HARD!!! Agh! Her cheeks are back to normal today, though mama has been warding off a pretty vicious headache since we came out of the sun. Hats are essential, people. Even for those of us with hair.
So I've been doing some reading about nutrition for breast feeding mothers as Teddy and I are trying to cut down on our carb intake and up our whole grain intake. From what I've read, there is not much difference between the milk of a mother with a bad diet and the milk of a mother with a good diet...Your body just dips into its reserves if you're not consuming adequate nutrients and calories. As a skinny person, I can't afford for my reserves to be tapped out, so I am looking for creative ways to increase my caloric intake without pasta and bread and white potato. Quinoa is my best pal right now...And full fat yogurt. Have you had coconut LIBERTE? It's heaven. No, seriously. It was just a treat before baby and now it's breakfast every day. Glory!!!!
Anyhoo, I came across this website: YUMMY MUMMY COOKIES!!!!!!!!!
There are some great recipes for delicious and nutritious lactation cookies and some other good stuff for those of you with or expecting babies. Totally worth a peruse.
And some photos, of course:
Because a Little Bug went KaCHOO! (my favourite book when I was tiny)

Baby and furry sidekick

So bad ass. (thank you, auntie loorin!)

Seriously the best gift ever. Every baby should have a set of these flash cards. (Autumn's are "Art Cards for Baby" by wee gallery)

Grinning Squirrel

ELLIOTT'S  BIRTHDAY!!! (She's 4 now!!!)

Daddy and dogs at the beach for Big E's 4th!

Sunday, 10 July 2011


This has been such a busy summer so far! In fact, Teddy has asked Squish and I to quit skipping town and stay put for awhile and I'm secretly grateful because let's face it, traveling around with a 4 month old is TIRING!!!!
Our latest adventures include a trip to Courtenay to visit my pals Shahn and Minnie at their beautiful cabin on the ocean, visits to Denman and Hornby Islands, a stop in to Grandma Kellogg's friend Barb's house in  Nanaimo and three lovely and restful days at casa Kellogg in Victoria for a gals' weekend as Grandpa was off in Michigan visiting Auntie Bec and Uncle Brian. (run-on sentence much?!) This past weekend, Squirrel and I hit up Cowtown for a cuddle with Auntie Sarah and Uncle D and Autumn had some fun with Great-Auntie Darlene while Sarah and I gawked at the Royal Couple as they made their way through Calgary on their tour. We are cool. Autumn did great with her very first baby-sitter. I am ever grateful to Darlene for watching the babe for me so that I could drool over Prince William. Priorities, right?
Good times!
So I watched "Food Inc." Have you heard of it? This documentary has nearly ruined food for me. I guess it's a good thing to know where the stuff on your plate comes from...But I was happy in blissfully ignorant land with my corn and president's choice chicken breasts. NOT ANYMORE!
So I've been thinking a lot about food for my little Squirrel and being a conscious consumer and blahdi blah blah...Since Autumn is going to start eating big girl food in two short months, I thought I should do some research...As it turns out, organic doesn't necessarily mean what it implies...We aren't getting away from inhumane slaughtering practices and even from hormones and antibiotics simply by purchasing groceries and meat with labels advertising products as "ORGANIC". A lot of that "organic" and "free-range" meat is killed in the same slaughterhouses as the other stuff and is exposed to all of the same scary practices and bacteria and whatnot. Ugly reality. I don't want my wee bub eating this stuff! And since Teddy isn't ready to fullfill my dream of living in the country with our own garden and chickens and a mini pony, I will have to suck it up and spend $13 on a chicken breast from the happy chicken man on the drive. He will show you pictures of the chickens that he sells meat from. They look happy. Spend the extra dough, friends. It is worth it. Even if you don't sympathize with the plight of a poor chicken factory bird, do you really want to eat something that spent its entire life knee dip in poo? Me thinks no.
Rant over. Check out my cute squishy woman. SHE JUST FOUND HER HANDS!!! Gosh, it's awesome to watch her learn stuff. So so so so cool. These are all in scrambled order. My apologies :)
Mama & Squirrel in Cowtown


Uncle D

Cheeky cheeks

Auntie Sarah shows Autumn her lovely garden


Family outing to Stanley Park 

Autumn's first concert :)

Lovely Courtenay

pie face

Beautiful Denman Island bull in all his happy grazing glory


Denman Island

Hornby Island Co-op

I live in a super ugly province. This was  taken on the side of the road on Hornby.

Hornby Island.

Obviously. You know I love Caesars.

Autumn's first Canada Day with Grandma

WHADDUP!? Let's bounce!

Happy in the sunshine

Telling an epic tale of poop and boobs.

Auntie Kristi

Sink Bath in Grandma's kitchen
Family fun at the park

What are these things attached to my arms. I FOUND MY HANDS!

Watch me grab stuff!

This baby has seriously awesome aunties. 

Sea wall. Gooooood times !