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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy Holidays!

This will be a huge photo update. :) Brace yourselves!
I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. Thank you to all the grandparents for making Autumn's very first Christmas so special (and delicious!) !!
We have been celebrating all over Canada with our loved ones and finally got home last night after a 21 hour standby travel debacle. Working for an airline has amazing perks, but traveling at Christmas time is a nightmare, end of story. Thankfully, Squish is a super hero baby and didn't complain at all. She napped at her usual times on planes and in airports and didn't fuss at all in flight. She tried a few times to climb over the seat to get at the baby behind us---so cute!---but didn't whine and was happy enough to sit on my lap and play with  the junk in the seat back pocket. haha! Thank goodness for her, cause there were a few little moments where I thought I was going to lose my lid but we made it though.
Squish had a really good first Christmas. She is one spoiled little baby and I say she deserves to be ;) Teddy and I brought home over 100lbs of gifts...We are also spoiled ;) We had really good visits with our families and are looking forward to another awesome year. 2011 has brought a lot of changes and so much to be grateful for. A preemie turned big fat piggy, healthy mama and daddy, healthy and happy great-grandparents and grandparents for Autumn, fun times with Autumn's stellar crew of aunties (and super cool uncles too!), connections with amazing pals and lots of good times all around. Sappy sap sap...Anyway, thank you to everyone who helped to make this year so special for us. We love you. Here's hoping 2012 is just as awesome (though it will be pretty tough to match this past year!) and we wish you love and all the best for whatever this next year throws your way. Cheers!
Here are some photos of Christmas number 1 in Victoria with Grandpa and Grandma Kellogg:

Visiting Great-Grandpa Fred and Nana Stella

Squish loves Nana's coasters

Little family goes to Dallas Rd beach

Beast in her happy place.

Look at that grin.

Taking a little break from running to enjoy the scenery.


I thought this was a good idea...

...Until Autumn started putting rocks in her mouth.


My loves.

A big day, a lot of fresh air and one tired squisheroo.

Grandma makes really good gravy.

...And turkey

Chewing on a bone. 

Too many decorations on one side, maybe?

Hanging out with Grandpa

Sweet new puzzles and books!

She scored a slam dunk on her first try!

Shooting hoops, thanks Grandpa and Grandma!

And now for her close-up...


Hanging in the kid zone on the ferry to Vancouver.

We love bumping into KT at yvr!

Trying to tucker a baby out in the airport.

Sleeping Squish before her flight to Toronto

And Christmas morning in Toronto:

Opening some pressies with dada!

Such a lucky baby.

Going to visit Laura!

Here are some shots of our holiday in Ontario that we took with our sweet NEW camera!! (Thanks mom & dad!):
Squirmy squish with her Great-Nana & Auntie Sass

A pair of elves. (Thanks for the hats, Auntie Marnie!)

The kid table haha!

Autumn and Dada enjoying their delicious turkey dinner.

We love Auntie Rebecca 


seester posse

Auntie Esme gives Autumn a squish

baby magpie after uncle Rob's rolex

Having a cuddle with Auntie Marnie

 Beautiful Rachel

Smootchies for dada


Uncle B knows how to set up a good photo

cutest hat ever. Thanks Nana!

Autumn meets Jaime for the first time!

hunting hat

almost crawling

PJ party with Nana

Looking sleepy with Papa

Dinosaurs at Niagara and Mama's burned coat wah!
Ah! A dinosaur's got my baby!!

Daddy and Autumn see the falls for the first time TOGETHER!

Team Canada

Of course my Dad is posing with a Bubba...

Lovely pregnant Minnie

Happy squish at uncle Shahn and auntie Min's beautiful new house