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Monday, 12 December 2011

Things are a-changin!

It was a busy and very fun weekend and our last week before our holiday begins is off to a busy start as well! The universe has totally been in my corner lately and a sweet little dude has come into my life needing a nanny. It's really perfect. Nannying started today and it went extremely well--Our new little pal is super easy-going and sweet and got along really well with baby squirrel. He's 13 months and walking so it was a big night last night as I bolted things down and moved all hazards to high places...It won't be long before our little woman is on the move, so it's a good thing that is all taken care of now and our place is ready for toddlers. Teddy seems pretty stoked that Autumn will have an older baby to teach her a few things. It's amazing what little sponges they are. After about ten minutes together this morning, Autumn was copying her little buddy's grunts. TOO FUNNY!

We checked out the One Of A Kind Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Saturday---What a treat! After doing a few craft markets this season, I really have a new respect for the vendors at these huge shows. It's so much work preparing for these things! Kudos to those brave artists who participated in ooak. Our pal, Jessica of Nature's My Friend had a gorgeous little booth set up at the show with all of her beautiful prints, pins, magnets, stationary and other such goodies. You should have a peek at her etsy page and do a little Christmas shopping. CLICK ME! Show her some love.

What else is new....Well, Squish wants to be mobile--there is no doubt about that. Teddy and I wonder if she will ever crawl though. She is completely disinterested in being on her tummy and simply rolls onto her back to play with her feet when we attempt tummy time. She constantly wants to stand and practice taking steps, so I wonder if she will just go straight to walking...Scary thought. It's what I'm I did and I suppose these things could be hereditary, no? We shall see...
Here is our girl...Standing. Oh my...

Happy days!!!
Love to you all. xo

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Meg!!! It was such a pleasure to see you guys and finally meet little squishy! Such a CUTIE. also very much enjoyed meetin Royal and was glad that we had some afternoon girl time. You are such an amazing mama - Teddy and squirrel are LUCKY!!! Happy new year to you by the way <3