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Friday, 9 March 2012

a little tea party for our little lady

Autumn's first birthday party was amazing! So many of our family and friends helped us to celebrate her first big year and I think everyone enjoyed the tea and plentiful snacks that we had laid out. Our friend Kelsey is a pastry chef and she made an incredible cake for the occasion. My only requests were that it be relatively nutritious and that it be fun. She made us a chocolate black bean owl cake and made it entirely organic. We love you, Kelso! It was delicious. My mom flew in from Toronto for the party and was a HUGE help in the kitchen and with getting decorations up on schedule and for helping to keep the squish machine occupied while Teddy and I got ourselves ready for show time. We actually even managed to sneak in a little Saturday night date to the hockey game to see our friend Brad kick the butts of the Vancouver Canucks. Exciting weekend! I even randomly met the dude from The Notebook--Not Ryan Gosling...The other guy. Hahaha! Back on track---The Party---It was awesome! So many good people, lots of good eats and Squish cleaned up! I have been wanting to collect these animals for Squish and mentioned it to a few friends...She got so many and they're SO AMAZING! The blue whale and the donkey are my personal favourites. She also got a Melissa and Doug band in a box, which was a serious crowd pleaser and Autumn has been using her instruments to make plenty of noise all week :) Huge HUGE HUGGGGEEE thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with us. We are so grateful to have so many loving and generous friends and family members. It was wonderful to see all of your faces. We love you!

I'm sorry it has taken me all week to get these pictures organized on my computer, but here is what you came to see...

Busy Squish wanting to help with set-up

All ready for the party!

Autumn and Grandma

This dress actually inspired the tea party! Thanks Rachel and Lee!

Autumn and Grandpa

A big sloppy kiss for Daddy

Really not sold on the pointy hat

So happy to spend some time with Nana

Beautiful Cake!

A house full of friends.

Autumn and her brunkles

Cake face loves chocolate

We love Holztiger animals!

Look at that beautiful whale!! and the skunk is super cute too!

Lovely Heather and Royal



Spoiled Squish

Auntie Jody

Tanis and Memphis

Karina and Ryker

I don't know what I would do without these people.

The nana

The Nana and the Daddy

Auntie Mai and her adorable Baby Bump

Autumn LOVES baby Billy. So cute!

Autumn and her first pals.

Ryker, Squish, Memphis <3

Again, thank you to all of our friends and family for the love, well-wishes and support over the last year. We couldn't have done it without you. You've all helped to make Squish the happy, affectionate and fun little girl that she is. xoxox

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