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Sunday, 19 August 2012

I know it's been awhile...Our trip across America.

We are now in Ontario after six excellent days of traveling through the states. It was a long journey and at times, a tough one, but we have safely arrived in our new city and are hoping to find ourselves a sweet little place to call home over the course of the next week or so. Autumn did great on our roadtrip. Seriously, I thought it was an ambitious endeavour and I expected WAYYYY more tears and complaining about being confined to her car seat. She shocked Teddy and I by keeping herself entertained most of the time with her books, her little toy phone and snacking on dried fruit and goldfish crackers. She was thrilled at every opportunity to stretch her legs and often put up a stink about returning to the car after a break and was like a wild animal at the end of the day when we would stop for the night. Overall, she was a little trooper and we are so grateful for her patience with us through a few 14 hour driving days. I'm sorry this is a short little entry, but I have yet to set up my computer so I am squeezing in a few minutes on Teddy's while he has a swim. I promise there will be more updates and more photos very soon!

This car ride ain't so bad

First day of road trip in Washington.

Beautiful Idaho!

America the beautiful.

Our kind of town!

Bathing and cooling off in the rivers of Montana.

Who needs swim-trunks?

I love camping!!

How the hell do we get all this back in the car?!! WTF!

Huge fires in Montana. The whole sky was in smoke.

Custer's last stand.


A lover's kiss in the hills of Wyoming.

'Donna's Diner' Moorcroft, Wyoming They still have a smoking section!

Deadwood, South Dakota

We arrived just in time for the Sturgess bike rally.

The first taste of freedom, Jessie James whiskey.

Mt. Rushmore

I killed this shirt good! God bless America!

Shooting my first shotgun!

Captain Autumn and her first mate Apple

Marge & Tina need to cool off! Let's get wet!

Toronto at last!

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