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Monday, 21 January 2013


The Squish and I just had the pleasure of journeying to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico to be a part of a very close pal's wedding. Autumn was the flower girl and enjoyed lots of attention and love from everyone there. We stayed at the Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort and Spa which was luxurious as all get out. (I totally recommend this place to anyone traveling to the Cancun area with or without babes.) The food was delicious with lots of healthy options, the beds were clean and comfy, the pools were warm, the staff were friendly and super helpful and the beach was gorgeous. There are on-sight daycare and nannies and lots of things for people with small children to get up to. We used the baby-sitting service and I was very pleased. It was the first time that Autumn has been left with a stranger so I was obviously worried and checked on her a few times but she slept soundly while I enjoyed the wedding reception and to my dismay, woke me up nice and early the following morning with lots of energy...hehe! Squish also picked up a bit of Spanish on our trip, greeting hotel staff with "Ola!" and yelling "Adios!!" before leaving company. She's such a little sponge, it's so amazing!

Anyhoo, here are some photos:

Squish testing out her new UV suit 

Having some lunch with the bride and groom

The gorgeous view from Christine's balcony (yes, that is a bathtub)

...Not so sure about this sand...

"Big Big Ocean"

Hydrating before bed

Dancers by the pool

Taking a break from swimming to colour

Cute new swim suit from Auntie Em

Sand castle session with Cami

More sand castles with  Becca and Leo

Out for sushi in Mexico

Flower girl dress

Christine's hand made wedding sash

The bride and her mama

Ordering room service

Guacamole face

Beauty bride

The groom and his best man


Flower girl at the rehearsal dinner

Mariachi madness!

Cricket salad.


Autumn rolling around on the bed while wedding photos happen

Cuddles with Cami

Rolling around on the floor...Clearly she was ready to go long before the rest of us :)

Practicing her flower scattering skills

"Autumn pretty!"

gangnam style. oh dear lord.

a little fro-yo before we go!

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