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Friday, 20 June 2014

Raleigh Angus Hurst Kellogg

I'm 4 months late, but still super excited to announce the arrival of Autumn's baby brother, Raleigh. He made his dramatic entrance into the world in a very familiar way...6 weeks early, emergency C-section, some time in NICU. We're pros at this.

When I reached 33 weeks gestation with Raleigh in the tum, I was thrilled because I knew that no matter what happened at this stage and beyond, we'd be ok...Autumn is so healthy and has had no preemie symptoms since we left NICU on the first day of Spring in 2011. On the first day of my 35th week (34 weeks and 0 days) I woke up with cramps. Uh Oh. I immediately called my midwife and after a hot soak in the tub, I decided I would go for brunch with Michele and ignore the cramps which were getting progressively worse. I drank a virgin Caesar and ate a massive breakfast and went home to call my sister. Labour was happening and someone needed to come and get Autumn Elizabeth, big sister to-be. Corinne, my midwife, was able to get me admitted into labour and delivery because of my history for overnight monitoring, despite the contractions being small and far apart. I tried to get some rest but woke up at 1am feeling super crampy and a little bit sick. Dr. Wong, the on-duty OB, came in to take a peak at my fetal monitors and decided to do an immediate caesarian as baby's heart rate had dropped to a dangerously low level. Sound familiar? This birth was horribly traumatic for me as they put me under. I fell unconscious and woke up no longer pregnant, with no idea where my baby was or if he was ok. Teddy wasn't even at the hospital when Dr. Wong put the OB alert out for my emergency surgery. He made it to the hospital a few minutes after Raleigh was born and went directly to NICU to see him. We expected to go home relatively soon after the birth but big boy had different plans. We saw him on CPAP for his breathing, caffeine for his heart-rate and 12 days later, we were allowed to bring him home. Those twelve days were tough but we knew what to expect this time around. Little Raleigh Angus Hurst Kellogg was born at 1:22am and was 5lbs, 10oz, blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful. We picked his name to honour Tampa Kellogg, who was born in Raleigh, North Carolina. Big sister has cozied nicely into her new roll and her baby brother worships her. He smiles at the sound of her voice and can't get enough of looking at her.

We have dealt with way more fussiness with Raleigh than we ever did with Autumn, though now at four months (nearly three months corrected), he seems to be growing out of his colic. I have been administering a daily dose of probiotics and drinking a ton of colic tea and the combination of those things has seemed to help. He's a happy baby and super cuddly though he makes strange with some women most men, including his own daddy. Really, he just wants his mama most of the time, which is fine by me. I know one day, I'll have to pin him down for snuggles.

Here are a few little pictures, in no particular order, of our new boy. We are totally head-over-heels for this kiddo.

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