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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ugly Scare

Yesterday was the annual WestJet Summer Beach BBQ at Spanish Banks. Teddy and I took her squishiness and passed her around to my work pals while we enjoyed some sun and BBQ deliciousness. My friend Teri was holding the bub and I noticed a small purple mark on her chubby little leg. I thought maybe she got stung by something but it didn't seem to bother her, so I tried to put it out of my mind. A couple of hours later, we were getting ready to leave and I noticed that the spot had spread and there were about a dozen little bruises on her leg...This time, around her knee. Now, I'm worried.
I immediately called the newborn hotline when I got home and the nurse on the phone advised me that these spots are called "petechiae" and they are indicative of internal bleeding. WHAT THE......!!!!???
I packed up my squirrel and hit the road to BC Children's. Didn't think we'd be back so soon...
Anyway, they seemed worried about the spots in the triage so they checked us in immediately and put us through to see a pediatrician. I was advised that they would need to check her platelets (what are platelets??? -- they are one of three components to blood. 1- red blood cells 2- white blood cells 3- platelets---platelets are involved in coagulation, they are sticky little things that bond together when an injury occurs to plug up a trauma site and prevent bleeding out) In my crazy brain, I was worrying about the ugly c word as I know that low platelet counts are typical in cases of leukemia and other bizarre and terrifying blood diseases. It was late, I missed dinner and my brain was going to a really insane place. Five hours and three needle pokes and a bunch of blood tests later, Autumn was allowed to go home with a clean bill of health. The spots on her leg came from a tight little pair of booty shorts that she had on that pinched her little thunder thighs and burst a few blood vessels. Being a parent is a crazy roller coaster ride. I'm pretty sure I shaved five or six years off my life last night, but Squirrel flirted and charmed the hospital staff. Big shock...
Daddy and Autumn waiting for the nurse to come and take some blood.

Autumn telling us a story 

A & Daddy take a nap while the blood work gets processed

Cute and Squishy in her tiny hospital gown

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