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Sunday, 24 July 2011

It's nearly August!!!

And the sun has FINALLY decided to come out in Vancouver. While our friends and family out east have been trying to stay cool through an unbearable heat wave, we have been wandering around in hoodies and carrying umbrellas. Blegh. At least I haven't had to worry too much about protecting Autumn's squishy skin from the sun.
Yesterday was lovely. Autumn, Teddy and I had a visit with Watermelon on a beautiful rooftop patio with a perfect and unobstructed view of the city and the mountains. Baby girl got a little rosy in the cheeks despite my efforts to keep her entirely covered. IT'S SO HARD!!! Agh! Her cheeks are back to normal today, though mama has been warding off a pretty vicious headache since we came out of the sun. Hats are essential, people. Even for those of us with hair.
So I've been doing some reading about nutrition for breast feeding mothers as Teddy and I are trying to cut down on our carb intake and up our whole grain intake. From what I've read, there is not much difference between the milk of a mother with a bad diet and the milk of a mother with a good diet...Your body just dips into its reserves if you're not consuming adequate nutrients and calories. As a skinny person, I can't afford for my reserves to be tapped out, so I am looking for creative ways to increase my caloric intake without pasta and bread and white potato. Quinoa is my best pal right now...And full fat yogurt. Have you had coconut LIBERTE? It's heaven. No, seriously. It was just a treat before baby and now it's breakfast every day. Glory!!!!
Anyhoo, I came across this website: YUMMY MUMMY COOKIES!!!!!!!!!
There are some great recipes for delicious and nutritious lactation cookies and some other good stuff for those of you with or expecting babies. Totally worth a peruse.
And some photos, of course:
Because a Little Bug went KaCHOO! (my favourite book when I was tiny)

Baby and furry sidekick

So bad ass. (thank you, auntie loorin!)

Seriously the best gift ever. Every baby should have a set of these flash cards. (Autumn's are "Art Cards for Baby" by wee gallery)

Grinning Squirrel

ELLIOTT'S  BIRTHDAY!!! (She's 4 now!!!)

Daddy and dogs at the beach for Big E's 4th!

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  1. If you like quinoa check out - some good recipes.