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Monday, 28 November 2011

Birthday Madness

This past weekend, Squish helped two of her buddies celebrate their birthdays. Ryker turned one this weekend and Koa turned three. It has been pretty intense watching my pals' babies get bigger and stronger and leave the "months old" stage. We aren't too far behind with our little squirrel--she will be nine months old on Saturday. We are also less than a month away from her first Christmas--her last big first holiday. The last nine months have gone by extremely fast. Ryker's daddy put it well when he said that this had been the first year of Ryker's life and the best year of his own. Autumn has filled our lives with love and has brought Teddy and I both so much happiness. Sometimes, I feel like I'm going to explode. Mama-hood is amazing and I wish I could slow time down. Sob Sob Sob...

Anyway,  everything has been great lately. Autumn is now rolling over like a pro and even practices her new skill in her sleep...She wakes up on her tummy usually, pressed up against the side rail of her crib and is less than enthusiastic about her situation. Once or twice a night, Teddy or I have to go and flip her over so that she can go back to sleep comfortably. Poor little squirrel. We just had a nice visit with Grandma Kellogg who was helping Autumn to stand against various pieces of furniture. I think she will be pulling herself up to standing on her own pretty soon...I guess we should get on baby-proofing our apartment.

My crafting has also been going pretty well. My mama-pal Liz and I have done two little markets so far and have another one coming up this Saturday. It's been good to be partnered up with another mom so that there is always someone to entertain the babies. Teddy has been super daddy through this craft fair madness as well. He has had tons of one-on-one daddy & squish time which has been extremely helpful.

We have a date this afternoon with Shendah and Ronan so we should get our mosey on, but here are a few little pictures: 

Partying in the tub with Dada

Playing in the kitchen 

Hanging out with her furry nurse

Our table at the Britannia Christmas Craft Fair

<3 <3 <3

Party Animal

Cheese and Banana snack

Happy Squish

Koa's Moustache Bday Party <3

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