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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mountain Adventure

My 30th birthday was last week and it was a crazy hectic work week for Teddy so he planned a little adventure in the mountains for him, Squish and I for yesterday. It was awesome! We started off in Squamish at Shannon Falls and had a lovely little picnic lunch in the sunshine. Squish was really excited about the waterfall and we took a zillion pictures. Next, we headed North to Whistler (I actually had never been to Whistler in the four years that I have lived in Vancouver...) It's a beautiful place though super busy and touristy. We had fabulous weather and had a relaxing little sit by Lost Lake then a little snack in the village before heading back to Squamish to check out the Howe Sound Brew Pub for a delicious pint and some dinner. Other highlights include seeing TWO BEARS!!!!!!! One in Whistler and a second in Squamish on our way back home. I can't think of a better birthday in all my 30 years :)

Saturday was great too! Squish and I had to leave Teddy at home in bed with the flu to attend a little dinner with some  friends at The Eatery. It was really fun! Squish had a ball charming the wait staff and everyone around us. I ate so much food and delicious cake and left the evening full and content. Teddy was feeling a bit better on Sunday morning so we celebrated Mother's Day with brunch at a little diner down the street then hit the photo booth for an updated ridiculous family photo session. All in all, it was a really great weekend. I am feeling very lucky :)

The news that I was ranting about last entry is that we are moving house! I'm pretty pumped about it and looking forward to some positive change. I have also applied to school for the winter term of 2013 and am feeling really good about life in general. ALSO!!!! We have a new little family member!!! Congratulations to Autumn's Auntie Melissa and Uncle Stafford and a huge welcome to baby Cole! He's so freaking cute, it's insane and we're dying to meet him. Lots of big things happening lately! Exciting times for everyone :)

A few recent pictures:

FINALLY playing with her Holtztiger animals. 

Enjoying mama's bday BBQ with Elliott.


Cheeky Squish enjoying a frozen treat.

Orzo face.

Sweet baby sharing treats with Elliott.

Our mountain adventure begins!

Daddy and Squish hiking up to Shannon Falls.

Mama & baby

Getting our picnic ready!

Daddy and baby enjoying the scenery.

"Let's go check out this tree fort..."



Lost Lake. A pile of snow and a bunch of Aussies swimming :)

Daddy finds us a nice shady spot to rest.

The water was freezing. Those people on that floating dock are nutters.

Tantalus lookout. Seriously breathtaking.

Photos can't do justice to how beautiful this place is.

Love him.

Howe Sound Brew Pub. 

Diamond Head, Squamish.

Til next time!!! xoxox

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