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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Ever Growing

Today, Autumn and I had our second  postpartum mama club meeting at the midwives' clinic. Baby Squirrel now weighs 6lbs, 12oz. What a little piggy. She was still the littlest babe at the meeting though, despite being the oldest. Progress is progress though...On Monday, our girl weighed 6lbs, 8oz so I'm feeling really good about her size. It's been a big couple of days for maturing as well. I've noticed that the squirrel really pays attention when we talk to her and will happily focus on her toys for long periods of time. She's not quite so floppy anymore either...She's getting really good at holding up her tiny little acorn head and will turn towards sounds and movement as well. She's so clever :)
We also just enjoyed a lovely visit with Auntie Emily who flew in from Toronto for a few days to snuggle and smooch the fuzzy squirrel. She was a very good house guest...She cooks and bakes and she even scrubbed our toilet. Lovelovelovvve that gal.

Delicious "El taco in an el bowlo" salad courtesy of Chef/Auntie Em

Cute little seesterface

It was a really great week for my little seester to visit since Daddy Smooth had an ultra busy week with work and the extra set of helping hands around the house was really welcome. Teddy's radio show celebrated their 2nd anniversary on Tuesday. If you like things that are awesome and funny, you should have a listen to CabaRadio. Good stuff.
Here are a few more pictures: 
Fresh out of the tub.

Bouncing in her chair

It is absolutely beautiful outside. Time for a little java in the sunshine. 

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