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Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Who knew newborn babies were such noisy sleepers? They snort and grunt and gurgle...Between the squirrel, her daddy and Elliott, I feel like I'm rooming with a family of yetis. Actually, squirrels snorts and grunts keep Teddy up as well and he has started to call her "the piglet".
Baby continues to grow bigger and stronger. I'd guess she's over 7lbs now as she's really starting to feel heavy on my arm. I'm going to have some serious pipes by the time this little girl is done nursing. She's been eating so much over the last few days, I feel like I always have a boob out. Kinda crazy. Great, though, cause the squirrel is really starting to fill out. She's growing some neck and wrist rolls and a tiny little double chin. Super cute and squishy.
We took a bus ride on Saturday over to the drive to visit Auntie Reegee and some of the squirrel's other pals. Regan gave Autumn a lovely stuffed squirrel and another adorable little squirrel ornament. They are on display in baby's room <3 Obviously a squirrel's room was incomplete without some squirrel stuff :)
Here are some pictures of our visit:
Tico was very happy to see Teddy

Regan is a good snuggler

Lindsay "bundo" Bates is super good with babies and squirrel went right to sleep on his shoulder

Lovely Miss Kara <3

This Thursday, Autumn will be 6 weeks old which means that we are being discharged from Midwife care. We have our final appointment on Friday afternoon. I'll miss those ladies. They have been really awesome. Lots of love for Commercial Drive Midwives. xoxox
Here are a few more pictures from the last few days. We haven't been up to very much since Autumn won't go much longer than two hours without eating. Yesterday, it took me two hours from the time I got out of the shower, to get dressed. Gooooood times ;)
Angry Squirrel wants her soose.

She reminds me of Prince John from Disney's Robin Hood...Once the soose is in, she brings her little hands up to her face...sometimes, she'll even hold her ear. So funny...

Prince John...With the ear-grab.

She is the best.

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