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Monday, 25 April 2011

Autumn's first Easter

Our first holiday was great :) Gramma & Grampa Kellogg came across from Victoria to celebrate with us. We ate like royalty all weekend and I even survived a glass of wine without crazy raging heartburn...We even had turkey taco salad for lunch yesterday...And turkey soup for dinner. Oh, the things you can do with leftovers!! Delicious!! Autumn was in a feeding frenzie on Saturday, she nursed for nearly two straight hours...So needless to say, I was in bed immediately after dinner. Breastfeeding really tuckers a person out! But my girl is getting quite chubby now, so it's clearly paying off. Squirrel now has wrist rolls and thigh rolls. Cute and pinchable. I'm looking forward to our visit with Dr. Hadad tomorrow so we can see how much weight the little porker has packed on. I wouldn't be shocked if she's over 8lbs now. She really feels heavy on my arm :)
Here's a peek at our weekend. I hope you all had a great Easter feast & good times with your families.
Autumn's first turkey leg.

Easter treats!

Gramma & Grampa Kellogg

Angry Autumn with her Easter pals 


  1. Angry Autumn? Looks like rock'n'roll to me.

    P.S. I haven't met the little lady in person yet. Can we schedule a little person social?

  2. For sure! Are you free on the 13th? Thinking of having some people over for a little vino and some munchies :)