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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

River Malcolm Lawley

I'm so proud of my lovely friend Cait! Just two days ago, she gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy: River Malcolm Lawley. Welcome to the world, little man. You are lucky to have such a sweet, kind and amazing mama. I can't wait to meet this little guy!
As for our little woman... ;)
Autumn has decided that she no longer wants to have an early evening nap. Instead, she wants to eat a hundred time and tell us all about her day. Tonight, she watched the Canucks WIN and played peek-a-boo with her Daddy. Because I was starting to feel anxious about her having been awake for so long, I decided to try something new and have evening bath instead of sudsing up in the morning...It always helps me to relax and feel snoozy. Anyway. Here we are at 10:30pm and baby Squirrel is listening to some tunes in her bassinette, smelling all fresh and clean...But still fighting sleep. 10pm bed time isn't usually an issue, so I'm hoping she dozes off soon. Cranky baby + hungry mama is no good for anyone. Fingers are crossed that soothie and Mozart for babies work some magic for us now because I'm running out of ideas.
Anyhew, this is how the last little while has looked:


with Auntie Jody at the Bird's Nest for brunch

Autumn attends her first party

She slept through some good times...errr

Mai <3

Squirrel also hit up the Cloverdale rodeo where she met some farm animals.

Cheeks of glory

Hanging out on the kitchen table

Still a bit too floppy for the Bumbo :) 

It's now 11:20pm. I think she is finally asleep. Sigh. 

Disregard, 11:28pm. Still up. Agh!!

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