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Thursday, 5 May 2011

So her squishiness turned two months old on Tuesday. She's getting so big, I wish there was a way to slow time down. She's a champ at holding up her head and I'd guess she's about 9.5 lbs. Piggie. We have our next weigh in on the 10th.
Anyway, Autumn & I spent the weekend in Toronto visiting my side of the fam. Autumn met her Papa for the first time & also her great-grandparents...the great-papa & grand-nanabanana ;)
Everyone loved her and enjoyed cuddles. My Nan blows my mind. At 90 years old, she remembers everything about tiny babies and is a wealth of knowledge and good advice. My papa made the voice that I very clearly remember him speaking to my sisters and I in when we were small. They are the best.
My parents and baby seester are awesome and totally set up baby headquarters at their place so Autumn & I felt quite at home. Crib, change station, etc. Everything we needed was right there. They, of course, adore their tiny grandbaby so I got some nice long showers in while they got their snuggle on. That was quite a treat :)
Miss Squirrel also got to meet some very important pals...Laura, Shahn, Min, Christine, Cheryl & Carter, Cait, Brad & Elissa, Kass & Joel and my uncle Rob, Auntie Marnie & cousin Rachel...almost all of whom, my sister photographed with the babe. I'll post those as soon as she sends them to me :)
Autumn rocked it both ways on the plane. Pretty much quiet and sleepy the whole way there and back. Good flying squirrel.
Anyhew, I'll put up a few pictures shortly. Squish is asking for cuddles :)

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