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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Some New Pictures!!

Not that I'm biased or anything, but I have the cutest baby in the entire universe. AGH!
Squirrel having a visit with her pal, Erica <3

Cuddling with Auntie Ti

Papa & Baby with furry supervisors

Rocking out in her swing at Nana & Papa's house

Uncle Shahn

Rach & Autumn

Great-Uncle Rob & Squishy baby

Min <3

Squirrel & Purds

Autumn's new bf Carter

He is so cute!!

New shades from Auntie Ti

Hot mama Cheryl

Dr. Smooth & Mini Me

Visiting Nurse Heids in Calgary

Uncle D & Auntie Sass

Best cheeks ever.

Our first craft project!
It was pretty silly of me to not take more pictures on our travels, but Auntie Em was snap-happy enough for two...I'll post some of her pictures once I have them. Hope all you mommas had a Happy Mother's Day weekend!!

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