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Monday, 17 October 2011

Little bug

So I have just learned how difficult it is to be sick and have a baby at the same time...You don't get to take a break from being a mom to rest up and get well, AND you have the added worry of protecting your wee bub from the germs that infect you. Teddy actually offered me a surgical mask the other day...The very mask that he stole from the hospital when Autumn was born haha! Somehow I've managed to keep her healthy sans mask. Hand washing (mine and hers) like a crazy person, wiping surfaces, getting fresh air, etc. I'm also still full-time breast feeding so natural home-remedies are the safest option in situations such as this. This recipe comes from my awesome friend, Kelsey who swears by this sludge and I do too. It works.

1 big ol' pot of boiling water
2 lemons cut up
5 cloves of garlic, peeled
2 inches of ginger, peeled and chopped roughly
a dash of cayenne pepper
3 tablespoons of honey (pasteurized for preggos)

Boil all ingredients together until it starts to look like swamp water. Let it cool to a comfortable drinking temperature and suck it back. Keep it in the fridge in a pitcher and refill your glass as needed.

I also like to swallow entire cloves of raw garlic. This is truly the best cure for a cold. Garlic has amazing healing properties, and will even protect those around you from contracting what you have as your stench will keep everyone farrrrrrr far away. ha!


Yesterday was a beautiful day and couldn't be wasted indoors so Autumn, Elliott and I hit the park. Squish had her first swing ride and the beast got some off-leash time in the doggie zone. The fresh air was awesome and I am feeling quite a bit better today.
Here's what our trip to the park looked like:

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