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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

time to fatten up?

Is it just me, or does the rain and cold weather make you want to eat everything in sight?? Thank goodness for the YMCA and their heated swimming pool because all I want to do is bake cookies and eat them all.

Speaking of the YMCA and their pool, Autumn had her 4th swimming lesson last night. She LOVES the water...And I love that she enjoys swimming so much because it is one of my most favourite things to do and I am so happy to share it with my little squisheroo. Autumn is the youngest babe in her class of 7 little guppies and though she can't jump in and kick her feet on command, she squeals with delight when we sing "the wheels on the bus" and "the hokey pokey" and I think she's getting a lot out of the class in that she is getting very comfortable in the water and interacting a bit with other kids. She seems more interested lately in other babies, which is super cool. We spent last Saturday with sweet baby Memphis for her first birthday party and Squish was in there like a dirty shirt hanging out with her friend Ryker and her pal the birthday girl. Soon her boyfriend, Arlo will be ready to sit up and play with her too...Can't wait for that!!! I am a lucky mama to have such lovely and talented mama friends and squish is lucky to have such adorable little pals. Gush gush.

Here is where I plug my pals and their talents:

If you live in or near Vancouver and are looking for some feathers for your hair, go see Arlo's mama:
Feather Fatale Hair Extensions

Another of my mama friends is in the process of setting up her in-home hair salon, so message me here: Squishy Email!! if you're looking for a hair stylist. Her home is baby-friendly and she is amazing at what she does.

ANNNNNNDDDDDDDD, if you are looking for an affordable place to take your tots for some swimming lessons, hit up the YMCA. They offer financial assistance for those of us who are on maternity leave and struggling to afford extra luxuries like gym passes. It's totally worth it to poke your head in to your local Y and inquire.

And finally, some photos of our girl:

Ready for Memphis' birthday party!

"Gimme dat beer, dada!"

Wake up, Elliott!

The protector and her baby

Happy October, everyone!

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