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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Spanikopita Frittata

So I have to post this recipe because it is simply amazing. Our pals Liz and Luke sent us home on New Years Day with about 5lbs of feta cheese so Teddy and I have been doing our best to incorporate feta into as many meals as possible. Want not, waste not...Or however the saying goes. 
Anyway, I was browsing through my Quinoa 365 cookbook and I came across this recipe. The recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups of feta and 1 1/2 cups of cottage cheese. Clearly, I was instantly sold. Anyway, Autumn had a nibble or two last night and she seemed to enjoy it as well. Nutritious deliciousness for the whole family!!!

Spanikopita Frittata (From Quinoa 365 by Patricia Grenn and Carolyn Hemming)

1tbsp olive oil
1 cup finely chopped onion (white or green--i used leek)
1 10oz pkg frozen spinach thawed and drained
4 lg eggs
1/2 cup quinoa flour (though i'm sure any old flour would do)
1 1/2 cups cottage cheese
1 1/2 cups crumbled feta
2tbsp chopped dill
1tsp minced garlic
1/4tsp salt
1/4tsp pepper

Preheat your oven to 350 and prepare a 9inch round baking dish (a pie plate) with oil or cooking spray.
Heat olive oil in large sauce pan and saute onion until tender.
Add spinach and cook off excess water. (4-5 minutes)
Whisk eggs and flour together until smooth then add the spinach/onion mixture, cheeses, salt and pepper, dill and garlic...Mix it up and pour it into the pie plate. bake in the center of the oven until the middle of the pie is firm. YUM!

Seriously good eats, people.

In other news, Squish has her first commercial audition today. Wish her luck!! She has been trying to ward off a pretty ugly cold bug for the last few days and I'm hoping she will be in good spirits for her big debut. A few other moms recommended Coryzalia for treating cold symptoms so we gave it a whirl yesterday and Squish seemed to sleep much better last night. I don't feel good about giving infant Tylenol or Advil if I can avoid it, so this homeopathic remedy was pretty attractive to me. Fingers crossed that we've got this bug nipped in the bud. Adios snotty nose!


  1. Yum! Thanks for sharing, we made this last week and it is going in the rotation