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Monday, 23 January 2012

a baby of many hats

We are blessed to have so many generous and creative people in our lives who gift such lovely presents to our girl. Autumn has accumulated quite an impressive collection of hats...Some handmade, others store-bought but no less special. I have been super obsessed with crocheting little toques for my squirrel since before she was born so she has a few from her mama and she has two very talented grandmothers and a great-aunt who have put needle to yarn for her as well. Lucky little squish.
Here are a few little pictures of Autumn modeling her hats:

Several mamas and crafty pals have inquired about learning how to crochet for their babes (and themselves too!)...This is a really good place to start: How to Crochet


  1. Hi Meagan. Its Jill. I was thinking about you and wanted to check in on how Autumn is doing. I love the hat pics! I wanted to say thank you for the lovely gifts and for you coming to billy's welcoming party. I really enjoyed chatting with you. It was my intention to do thank you cards but I seemed to never find the quiet time. I love the hat and lillian is getting lots of use out of the kids cutlery set until billy can start to eat.

  2. You're so welcome! It was lovely to meet you in person and get such a wonderful massage from Lil. haha! Let's make a little date soon and catch up. We should all have dinner or something :)