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Sunday, 5 February 2012

All my single ladies...

So some of you may know and others may not but we had a bit of a family medical situation a few weeks ago. All is well now and things are on the mend but Teddy has spent the last two weeks taking care of his dad in Victoria so Squish and I have been hanging on our own (with Elliott of course) for nearly two weeks. These couple of weeks have taught me a little bit about what it must be like for my single mama pals... No, "Hey, can you hold her for a sec?" or "I need some solo time, can you hit the park with baby and pooch?" At least in Teddy's absence, I have still had moral support over the phone and via skype but it's definitely not easy going it alone. I had a conversation awhile back with a single girlfriend who thought she might like to get knocked up and do the whole single mom  thing voluntarily. She said the company would be nice and she would have the opportunity to share her life with somebody special...A tiny little somebody. I thought she was courageous and super ambitious then as I was in the throws of new mamahood with tons of night feedings and the whole nine. I don't know how I would have gotten through those times without the support of my hunk of a man to make me a smoothie every morning and tell me that I'm doing a good job...To do a few little midnight bum changes and cuddle her majesty while I ran a comb through my hair...Now, with a baby who is super busy learning all kinds of new tricks, about to walk, getting into everything possible, I have an even harder time imagining myself doing this whole mama thing on my own. I have a really laid back little girl and I'm super lucky for that but she certainly has her moments and my man is always there to lend a hand, give mama a break, whatever we need. I am grateful.

Squish and I did have a lot of fun though these last two weeks. We are successfully night weened and are working on nap training for when I have to head back to work. Autumn was a good napper until she was about 9 months when she decided that she would put up a fight whenever nap time hit. We've powered through the last two weeks with a bit of tough love and so far my girl has been a super champ. She has slept from 8-8 the last five nights consecutively. YAY! Yesterday, she took both of her naps with only five minutes of fussing at the start and today's morning nap was the same. Goooooood times!

The downfall of night weening is that my milk supply isn't a plentiful as it always has been, which is sad for me because it means my girl is growing up. I still plan to nurse well past a year...At this point, it's hard to imagine myself not nursing.

In cute news, Autumn had her first kiss yesterday. Liz and Arlo came over for brekkie and Squish decided to plant a big wet one on her beau while they shared some space at the coffee table. SO CUTE! Here are a few little pictures of Autumn and her man:

We also had a nice visit with Kelsey who is always full of good yogi energy and positive vibes. She's a good egg. Here she is posing with Squish:

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend. I'll sign off here. Squish and I are waiting for Teddy to get home! Excitement!! xox


  1. What route did you go for night weaning? I always just get pregnant again and the baby decides to wean. This time I am done having I actually have to think about these things! LOL

  2. We started ignoring her when she would wake up for her 5am feed. She would squack for a few minutes and then put herself back to sleep. If she was having a tough time getting back to sleep, I'd rock her a tiny bit and put her back in the crib. No boobs til 7am! haha!