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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Little Comedian

Autumn seems to get more personality by the day. I guess this is a pretty typical thing with babies and pretty typical as well for parents to think that their baby is brilliant and totally unique. haha Anyway, Squish is both brilliant and unique! ;) She has now mastered furniture and wall walking and can stand on her own without help or support for a good 30 seconds or so. She also can pull herself up to standing from the floor and can make her way in an army crawl from one end of our home to the other. She can also open and close the fridge. Not so thrilled about that one...
Her latest talent is feeding the dog out of her hand from her high chair while laughing like a total maniac as Elliott licks her sticky little fingers clean. I'm not sure who needs to be trained here...Baby or beast? I try not to laugh, but it's really difficult. So that's where we are right now. She'll be a whole year old in just over a month and she has come so unbelievably far. From wrinkly, fuzzy little preemie to big, pudgy one year old. Insane. So many more adventures ahead, I can't wait.

My sister sent this picture the other day and it made my heart stop for a quick second.

Look at those wrinkly little elbows!!!!!!! She was so big compared to the other NICU babies at the time and I really struggled with grasping the fact that she was pretty underdeveloped at two months early. Looking at this picture now, I definitely see a little preemie. Though, it's highly possible that any new born would look like a preemie at this stage compared to my tank of a baby. Autumn is now five times the size she was when we brought her home from BC Children's.

Here is a recent picture of the little piglet showing just how much of a ham she really is. Love her too much. 

We are really looking forward to celebrating the first year of our girl's special little life with our friends and family. I've been planning and plotting away like a crazy person. It's gonna be pretty great!! Stay tuned for details :) Ciao for now!

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