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Monday, 26 September 2011

Baby vs Beast

I'm sure most of you know that my first baby is a big fluffy wolf dog from Cat Lake, Ontario...My Elliott. I knew that having a baby would throw a tiny wrench into my relationship with the Ellie-beast and take away from my quality time with her, but I didn't expect her to end up in the state that she is currently in...A licky, itchy, allergic, neurotic mess. Elliott goes to the beach usually twice a week and gets hour long walks daily. She gets lots of love and pats from Teddy and as much as I am able to give her as well. We also make sure to give her time with Autumn to sniff and kiss and hang out...She is not a deprived animal by any stretch...But yet she has wound up with a pretty severe case of the baby blues. It's heartbreaking. Today, Teddy and I will be seeing a new vet. Elliott has seen two different vets already about this (not to mention several calls and emails and text messages to Dr. Kellogg in California--Auntie Melissa is a vet) and my pet insurance will no longer cover her rashes as they have now been deemed "chronic". Hopefully this new vet will have the miracle cure that we need. My poor puppy :(

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