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Wednesday, 7 September 2011


So our girl has quite the pallet. She has thus far enjoyed brown rice, avocado, yam, squash, turkey, barley, peach and a tiny little taste of banana. Tomorrow we are going to try sweet peas! Excitinggggg! Really though, this whole baby food thing has been ultimately thrilling for me. I love being in the kitchen and cooking for other people is something that I get a lot of pleasure from, especially when those people are my family. There is something really wonderful about putting together a yummy and nutritious meal for the freaks and geeks that you love the most. It's been fun testing out some different flavours on the squish. She hasn't really turned her nose up to much...Except turkey. She didn't love it on its own, but mashed up with some yam and she was in her glory. The faces she makes when a new flavour hits her little tongue...absolutely priceless, hilarious, amazing, etc. I die. So funny!
Anyway, as we embark on this new adventure in food and nutrition, I've been reading up a lot on what nutrients are in what, what babies need the most of, etc. My reading has really made me think hard about the types of food that I like to eat. Teddy and I are pretty conscious consumers and we like to maintain a pretty healthy diet. We enjoy healthy food and we never stock junk in our home. In my reading, however, I have learned that most of the time, cooking really diminishes the quality and nutritional value of food and in the interest of getting the most out of the (expensive) food that we eat, I've been inspired to attempt a few raw meals for Teddy and I. Squish is still nursing as much as ever, so she will reap the benefits of the raw yumminess second-hand. Email me if you have any good recipes!

I just wanna eat my hands, mama!

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