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Friday, 30 September 2011

The Beast is back in town!

Elliott is back to her happy, goofy old self after just five days of anti-yeast/anti-biotic/anti-histamine pills. You'd never guess that she was a sick pup just last week. It's such a relief to see her bounced back...We missed you, dingushead!
The new vet is awesome. For those of you in Vancouver looking for a new vet clinic, Cambie Animal Hospital is awesome, reasonably priced and they really take the time to examine your pet and offer thorough explanations to owners. From experience, this can be VERY hard to come by. As far as prevention of Ellie's skin issues goes, Teddy and I have been making sure that beast gets lots of extra cuddles to keep her anxiety levels down and keep her feeling loved. I've also been trying to be a little more liberal with allowing Elliott to explore Autumn's toys and blankets and things so that she doesn't feel like the baby is off limits. Who knew it would be so hard to keep everyone happy?!
Is a caption really necessary? haha!!

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