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Monday, 9 April 2012

Autumn's first second holiday. hah!

We had a fantastic Easter weekend---SO MUCH GOOD FOOD!!! & Good times with family. Teddy's mom and dad came across to the mainland for the weekend and we had a blast. We couldn't decide on turkey or ham so we did both. That's right--TWO dinners. We're gluttonous. Squish didn't get to eat any chocolate, but she did enjoy some candied pecans on top of her french toast and the Easter bunny was generous with the plushies and a few little outfits. When I was a little girl, we had Italian neighbours--Melina and Dante--Every year for Easter, they would gift my sister and I an enormous chocolate egg and a pair of nylons. Random, right? Teddy has taken it upon himself to carry on their tradition and has picked me up a massive egg and some hosiery every year that we have been together. Every year, it's hilarious.

We had awesome spring weather this weekend, so we spent quite a bit of time out and about the town. Teddy's mom loves the aquarium and was inspired by the pictures from our last blog entry so we hit up Stanley Park and visited the fishies again. It was much easier to snap photos this time around with three adults and one baby. haha! We did a few big walks as well--Yesterday, with Teddy's mama and today just the wee family. Autumn has had lots of fresh air this weekend and we're all feeling great. Today's walk took us to Queen Elizabeth Park where I planned to take the squish machine into the Bloedel Conservatory to check out the flowers and birds while Teddy explored the park with Elliott. Instead, we had a little picnic and enjoyed the sunshine all together. We'll save Bloedel for another day. I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend as much as we did. I really wish we could extend the weekend for a couple more days. sigh.

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