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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

19 Days Old.

It's been a very exciting three days...Autumn has been home with us since Sunday afternoon and so far, she is a super easy, predictable baby. I guess the one good thing about having a baby who lives her first couple of weeks in a nursery at the hospital, is that she is pretty much set in a schedule...Eat, sleep for four hours, eat, sleep for four hours...etc.
My mom had to leave on Sunday which was super sad, but it gave Autumn, Teddy, Elliott and I a chance to get to know eachother in our home. Elliott has been AWESOME with the baby...She's Autumn's furry nurse...Always checking on her and licking the back of her head. Super cute. She gets pretty stressed when Autumn fusses and needs to check on her at every opportunity, especially if she's making noise. I like.

Gramma Kellogg came for a snuggle yesterday, which was great since when she last saw Autumn, none of us were allowed to hold her. Super cute & cuddly Gramma time is always welcome. 

Teddy and I are looking fabulous in our jammies. :)
Gramma came bearing gifts, of course...In particular, we need to give honourable mention to Great-Nana Stella's beautiful quilt. Can you see the baby? haha!

Today was also a big day! Autumn had her first out-of-hospital appointment with Dr. Hadad. She took the bus! I, of course, was a little nervous about gross smelly transit patrons, but we survived. Squirrel actually slept the entire way there and the entire way home. She woke up only to be weighed and have her stinky little bum changed. 

Autumn now weighs 5lbs, 13oz!! Dr. Hadad says we're doing good. Squirrel is such a trooper.


  1. Hey! I just noticed she's wearing her Argentine boots! Shout out to great aunt Marnie! Yay!

  2. Auntie Marn,
    I LOVE those slippers. They are so soft and they fit her ginormous feet perfectly. haha!