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Monday, 14 March 2011

Day 11

We have been in the NICU now for 11 days...Squirrel is doing super well...Gaining weight, eating like a champ, being adorable and generally awesome. So, today Evelyn (you know, the nurse who wanted Autumn to stay with her forever) asked that we bring in our car seat to make sure that our tiny girl fits...I guess the nurses have to sign off that they have checked that your car seat meets transport canada guidelines and that your preemie is snug enough...Most car seats are too big for itty bitty people 5lbs and under. This was music to my ears, because this means they're getting ready to discharge her. Tonight, the nurses called Dr. Hadad so that we could sort out our going home details. He seems to think that we will be able to take baby girl home mid-late week...Before the weekend. Excellent!
Elliott is waiting by the door for her baby squirrel to come home.

This has been a crazy 11 days. I must say that I don't think I would have survived without my amazing man and super human friends and family....Did you know that when you have a baby, people fill your fridge with food? Seriously amazing.

Thank you, Will and Jill, Jim and Deanna & Joel and Lindsay. xxxooo
People also buy you insane appliances and your boyfriend wants to blend everything in sight...Or maybe we're just extra lucky. <3

Thank you, Watermelon. (You have made a 6 year dream come true.)

Thank you for endless and unconditional love and support: Kristen Terada, Michele "Busta" Reimer, Julia, Emily Still, Claire, Jody, Brunkle Julian & Auntie Mai, Robert & Melissa, Eric & Mer, Gramma & Grampa Kellogg, Nana & Papa Meade, Aunties Emily, Melissa, Rebecca, Kristi and Sarah and endless others...You have all made these last 11 days bearable. We love you. 

Tune in tomorrow for "Autumn poops in Daddy's arms"....It's a true story.



  1. Read all the posts! So happy to see the positive progression. She is so adorable. As I sit here typing with one eye on the screen and the other watching my 8mth old monkey girl climbing into her bassinet that she is now grown out of I can't help think of you guys and how 8mnths from now you will feel worlds away from those NICU days when you watch your happy chubby little Autumn scooting around. xoxo Jill (Will and Baby Lill)

  2. Jill,
    Thank you so much for all the yummy goodies! We had butter chicken for dinner last night, SO GOOD! You guys are awesome.
    xoxox, Megan