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Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Today was a good day!!! Autumn and I got to snuggle for over an hour! She was off her oxygen completely for over 25 minutes before her monitor started to beep asking for a little more o2. After our cuddle, she went ahead and yanked out her feeding tube. She was very proud of herself. She sneezed about a hundred times and then gave me the grin that you can see in the second picture. Little ham.
It's 11:36pm and I just spoke with the squirrel's nurse, Angelita. Autumn has now been off her oxygen for 2 hours and she is doing AWESOME!!! Tomorrow morning, she gets to have a big cuddle with her daddy before he goes to work. We are both really excited. Fingers crossed the o2 stays off!!!
Good night!! xo


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  2. She's looking so much better already pal! More and more like a little person! And her face and eyes aren't puffy or swollen at all...that little face is amazingly adorable!

  3. Thanks friend! I think she's pretty cute too <3