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Saturday, 12 March 2011

So I'm pretty sure Autumn's nurse wants to keep her foreverrrrr! Last night, Squirrel's doctor told us that we'd likely be able to take her home on Sunday if she continued to nurse and breathe like a champ...Which she has. This morning, Nurse Evelyn advised us that it was a ridiculous notion that they might discharge the babe before next week. Annnyyyway, we're fine with it. It's actually kind of cute how much her nurse adores her. She actually traded another baby for Autumn this morning as she couldn't believe that they hadn't automatically assigned Squirrel to her. 
Productive visits last night and this morning!! Autumn didn't need to be topped up after either feed and we even got to give her a bath today! 
She was not impressed...

She screamed her little head off until she was back safe in her cot, wrapped in a warm towel. Poor baby squirrel. 
Autumn also got a good snuggle in with her Auntie Melissa, who drove all the way from San Francisco to visit her! Lucky baby.

They hope to have a successful bottle feed this afternoon so that they can remove the feed tube from her nose. It will be really nice to see her little face sans tape and tube. 
We think she's pretty cute anyway though...

Pretty in pink, she is. 


  1. So cute! So cute! So cute! Nice outfit. How much does she weigh now Meg?