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Friday, 11 March 2011

She's out of the gerbil cage :)

Last night's feeding attempt went really well! So well that they barely needed to top the squirrel up after she nursed. The face that babies make when they are going in for the kill is hilarious! Who knew...
We're super proud of her. She's making my job really easy.

So Dr. Hadad explained that once we have feeding under control, that we'd focus on her temperature. After her dinner last night, the nurses moved Autumn from her gerbil cage to a cot.

So it looks like things are moving along nicely :)
Originally, they told us that she'd be in the nicu until her 35th or 36th week (she would have been 34 weeks in the belly on Wednesday) but if she keeps this up, we'll have her at home much sooner. What a little champ she is. 

Here are a few more photos from yesterday:

If any of you have ever seen Teddy sleep, you'll appreciate the last picture of squirrel. haha! 

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